Toronto-based Harlequin is one of the world’s leading publishers of books for women. Harlequin’s Buffalo, New York fulfillment center processes an average of 8,000 to 10,000 pieces of diverse types of mail per day with peaks up to 25,000. Processing this mail required hand sorting into more than 20 different categories. Harlequin wanted to improve efficiency, increase system transparency, make transaction images easily available to Customer Service Reps, and eliminate paper check deposit.

Mavro worked with Harlequin to design a system that includes new Opex scanners, existing Kodak scanners, and a selection of modules from the MavBridge™ Software Suite. Mavro’s One-Touch Processing and Virtual Batching technologies eliminate all hand sorting, and MavBridge™ Dashboard software provides end-to-end real-time system monitoring with extensive reporting capabilities. The MavBridge Connect™ Web Portal provides Customer Service Reps with easy access to the images from all processed transactions, and electronic deposit eliminates the need for depositing paper checks.

Harlequin’s large variety of transaction types is now processed much more efficiently and with reduced costs. Information from the Dashboard software ensures that managers always know how well the system is operating, spotting problems before they happen, assigning resources where needed, and identifying opportunities for efficiency improvements. The Customer Service Reps’ ability to quickly access transaction images has resulted in faster issue resolution times and increased Service Rep efficiency.

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What Harlequin Is Saying

“The solution is great, but it’s our relationship with Mavro that has been especially gratifying. Mavro’s consistently quick response is just so refreshing. Mavro support is simply outstanding.”