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Dentegra Group’s commercial claims operation was manually processing as many as 50,000 dental claims daily. Sorting the paperwork and included X-rays was an arduous and time-consuming process involving multiple steps, such as sequencing, information verification, and adding barcode labels. Scanning the documents required taping anything smaller than an 8½-inch-by-11-inch document onto a carrier sheet and inserting separator sheets to define transaction breaks in the scanning workflow. High-resolution X-ray prints and film X-rays were handled via a completely separate scanning process.

The solution to Dentegra Group’s automation problems came by way of a partnership between Mavro Imaging and Opex Corporation. The Mavro / Opex solution enables One-Touch Scanning utilizing eleven Opex integrated envelope extraction desks / scanners and MavBridge™ Software for claims processing. Operators pull contents from each envelope and drop them directly onto the scanner rollers. Printed X-rays are scanned in high-resolution color. Film X-rays are pulled from the envelopes and positioned on a light table. A companion application developed by Mavro allows the operator to take an image of the X-ray and easily include it with the other scanned documents associated with the claim. The Smart Batching™ functionality in the Mavro solution then routes the transactions through the appropriate image-based workflow as if they had been physically sorted prior to scanning.

Dentegra Group immediately experienced benefits once the new system was up and running, including dramatic labor and time savings, an increase in accuracy up to 99.5%, a significant increase in employee satisfaction, and extensive productivity tracking that allows much improved employee monitoring.

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“The people at Mavro and Opex are incredibly knowledgeable. I asked a lot of questions, and they made me feel like they cared about my concerns and always answered to my satisfaction.”