One-Touch Processing

In many remittance and document processing operations, handling “clean transactions,” for example, a payment with just a single check and coupon, has become routine. For most processing centers, however, the struggle to deal with “exceptions,” including multi-coupon or multi-check payments, transactions with correspondence, or many other variations, is an ongoing headache. Typically, multiple hand operations are needed to open, prepare, sort, and batch exceptions for processing.

“One-Touch” processing from Mavro eliminates this wasteful, multiple-touch method. With a Mavro system in place, operators simply extract each transaction and drop the documents directly into the scanner, with no reorienting, transaction sorting, counting, or date stamping required. The Mavro software takes this unstructured stream, recognizes the document images included in each transaction, and uses Smart Batching™ to process each transaction appropriately in an image-based workflow.

One-Touch processing means operators touch each transaction only once – to extract it and drop it into the scanner. The other hand operations normally associated with exception processing are eliminated. The decline in labor costs for processing exceptions can be dramatic, with reductions of up to 65% not being uncommon. And that doesn’t count additional benefits such as the faster processing times resulting from less hand labor.

Mavro can incorporate numerous types of scanners – including any type of OPEX scanner – into a “One-Touch” processing system specifically designed to meet your unique needs.

If your processing operation relies on expensive multiple hand operations or if you are using an older inefficient system, contact Mavro to discuss a system incorporating “One-Touch” processing.

  • An operator simply extracts each transaction and drops it directly into the scanner. No reorienting, sorting, or counting is required.
  • The MavBridge™ software examines each image and identifies it as a check, a coupon, correspondence, etc.
  • The software reorients the images if necessary, can add a date and time stamp, and can count the number of pages.
  • The software recognizes the document images included in each transaction.
  • The Mavro uses Smart Batching™ to process each transaction appropriately in an image-based workflow.
  • Dramatic labor savings because multiple hand operations are eliminated and operators touch each transaction only once.
  • Increased operator satisfaction due to the elimination of boring, repetitive hand operations.
  • Increased transaction integrity; the automated system recognizes document types and performs tasks such date stamping better than operators who have become tired or bored.
  • The time required to process each day’s transactions is reduced, helping to ensure that processing deadlines are always met.

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