Opex Scanners

Mavro Imaging is a proven leader in integrating Opex scanners into a “One-Touch” processing solution that eliminates presorting and multiple handling of payments and documents. Our team has been involved in more installations of Opex scanners than any other solution provider, across numerous applications and industries, incorporating best-of-breed, industry-leading technologies.

With One-Touch processing, any transaction type can be scanned inter-mixed, including, but not limited to, singles, multiples, check-only, cash, credit card, correspondence only, as well as any mixture. No manual prepping, such as careful stacking and sorting by transaction type, is required. Of course, OPEX Reseller of the Year Logooperators must unfold pages and remove staples, but otherwise any document combination can be scanned. Most damaged (wrinkled or torn) items can simply be dropped and scanned without taping. Moreover, although checks are best scanned right-side up, document order and orientation is completely flexible.

After scanning, the Mavro system automatically sorts, flips, and reorders documents as required. In turn, MavBridge™ software validates the transactions, allows for reviewing and fixing of mis-scanned items, and optionally applies Smart Batching™ rules to ensure that each transaction type receives the appropriate processing.

In a Mavro system incorporating Opex scanners and MavBridge™ Software, you can eliminate your existing wasteful multi-touch method and establish true One-Touch processing.