Scanner & Electronic Data Import

Many providers of payment and document processing systems are limited in the number or type of scanners or other data sources that can be integrated into the system; this isn’t the case with a Mavro solution. Mavro software is designed to be extremely flexible, with the ability to import from any image or data source from any location connected via the network. Additional input sources, including fax servers, email, multi-function peripherals (MFPs), and folders with images and data in various formats, are also supported.

The import modules embedded in Mavro software – the connectors to the “outside world” – are configurable and require no special or custom programming. Consequently, changes to equipment such as scanners can be easily accommodated. This is very significant since costly customizations and extended development periods are avoided.

A Mavro system’s exceptional ability to interface with the widest array of scanners and data sources means that we can design a system that is more precisely targeted to your unique needs and optimized for the best possible performance.

  • Import from virtually any image or data source from any location connected via the network.
  • Standard import modules are available for many common scanners.
  • Data sampling methods include file lookups, database access, and single or multi-tiered web services.
  • Supports rudimentary screen scraping and importation of screen shots from other applications into live transactions if additional documentation is required for a transaction. 
  • Ease of scanner integration and data import reduces the time required for system integration and lowers costs.
  • Ability to import from a wide range of scanners and other devices allows Mavro to design a system that best meets your needs.
  • Wide ranging ability to import data allows more comprehensive data validation during processing.
  • Configurability of import modules minimizes the need for costly customizations.