Workflow Monitor

Key Features

  • A system overview gives you a quick summary of each process performed on your system including average throughput, and pieces processed.
  • Alerts and warnings are clearly indicated to let you quickly zero-in on any problem area.
  • A backlog screen lets you rapidly evaluate your daily progress to keep you on track and help you assign resources to the processes that need them the most.
  • Batch tracking lets you see each batch’s entire processing history, including exactly where the batch has been and how long it has been there.

Key Benefits

  • Lets you quickly spot and correct system processing problems.
  • Monitoring throughput and backlog over time lets managers know if they are catching up or falling farther behind.
  • Track important batches through the system to ensure they are processed in a timely manner.
  • Workflow “report card” lets you quickly evaluate your performance for the day, week, or year.