MavBridge Dashboard

Comprehensive system monitoring is critical to maintaining the efficiency of any large-scale processing operation. Without timely, complete, and accurate performance information, managers can’t know exactly where they stand now or properly plan for the future.

MavBridge™ Dashboard is an operations management portal that provides system-wide monitoring, reports, statistics, and workflow status for a Mavro system, including multiple image input devices and other connected document systems. Dashboard provides a “real time” overview of the entire operation throughout the entire day. It’s an invaluable tool to ensure all the equipment and systems are operating at top efficiency all the time.

With MavBridge™ Dashboard, you will always know exactly how well your system is operating. Workflow rules can be defined for all system processes, and the Dashboard will display color-coded alerts whenever any rule is broken. General operating rules monitor process backlogs, queue delays, and volume warnings. Job or customer-specific rules can include cutoff warnings when active work is still in the system and nearing deadline. Warnings and alerts can trigger email or text notifications as desired.

Dashboard provides comprehensive reporting options, without the need for third party applications. Reports can be generated based on any combination of time interval, category, report type, and units. This gives the user maximum flexibility to design the type of reports they find most useful.

Mavro Dashboard is the most comprehensive tool for monitoring your payment or document processing system.

  • A single portal provides comprehensive, easy-to-use information about system-wide status and operator performance.
  • Color-coded workflow alerts/notifications make it immediately apparent whenever any processing rule is broken or system problem is detected. Alerts can trigger email notifications as needed.
  • All processes, both automatic and manual, are monitored.
  • Statistics reports can be generated based on any combination of time interval (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly), category (operator, machine, job), type (comparison, individual, total), and units (batches, transactions, pages).
  • Reports include a standard collection of rates, and the software includes the ability to create a variety of customized rates.
  • Report details can be exported into XML or CSV formats for use with other systems.
  • Dashboard can be simultaneously used by an unlimited number of users.
  • Comprehensive system-wide monitoring lets managers spot developing backlogs or performance issues in real time and address them before they become serious problems.
  • Complete, accurate operator performance measurements let managers objectively evaluate operators, retrain them as necessary, and assign them to the tasks they do best.
  • Better management control means more efficient system performance, decreasing carryover and improving service levels and deposit levels.
  • Better current capacity utilization and more accurate planning for future expansion.
  • Reporting capabilities let managers track performance over time to spot areas that need improvement and accurately assess the impact of changes.