Data Validation

Key Features

  • A Mavro system’s ability to validate or retrieve data is extensive, including file lookups, local MICR databases maintained directly by MavBridge™, external or host databases accessed directly or via share procedures, web services, and others.
  • MavBridge™ software supports numerous check digit validation routines. Multiple check digits can be defined and validated in the same scan line, and there is complete flexibility to define values for special characters.
  • Mavro can make extensive use of either positive or negative hot or stop files.
  • The number of validated fields is unlimited and all fields have independent validation rules.
  • The system provides a simple interface to allow the operator to enter the data and can perform data validation via lookup functionality if required. 

Key Benefits

  • Ensures the accuracy of captured information such as account numbers and addresses.
  • Promotes customer satisfaction by avoiding errors such as crediting payments to incorrect accounts.
  • Ability to interface with the widest range of external data sources maximizes the opportunities for automatic data validation, increasing system efficiency.