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Redefining Remote Capability

We Help You Pivot and Process

The pandemic has thrown a wrench in all aspects of life, and the impact on individuals is only multiplied for the organizations they make up.

If you were struggling to process payments before, how about now with staggered staff limitations, hygiene and social distancing concerns, or worse, mandatory work from home orders? What about all your documents that need keying whether they contain critical data for normal operation or altered information specific to the disruption? Then consider managing all of these variables as a new conversion project begins.

The Urgency Only Increases

Now is the time to lean on capable partners to do what they do best – deliver solutions that equip you to meet today’s challenges and for whatever lies ahead. Mavro can bring you assurance amid uncertainty. Our business and platform have grown from bridging technology gaps to connecting people, processes and payments in an automated and optimal workflow.

The week of March 9th is when the pandemic became a global concern and coincided with our implementation at NorthWestern Energy. Shutdowns meant not only completing a remote installation on-time and on-budget, but with their trust and cooperation, training, going live and now supporting their remote processing.

Redefining Remote Capability

A success we’re proud to share, collaborating with NorthWestern Energy has proven to be the framework we’ve replicated since with other customers. Not only did we achieve the efficiency gains intended from the outset, but the flexibility to pivot mid-stream and keep moving forward despite unprecedented obstacles is what stands out as a true testament to our platform and support.


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