Executive Management

George Hayduchok - President & Founder of Mavro Imaging

George founded Mavro Imaging and developed what is now the core of the MavBridge™ product. A long-time industry veteran, George spent 16 years heading up advanced engineering at Opex Corporation and was responsible for developing the AS-Series Scanners, Eagle, Mail Matrix, and several other products. George holds over 40 U.S. and worldwide patents relating to mail processing, document scanning, and image processing.

Mike Vasey - Chief Technology Officer

Mike started his career as a software engineer at IBM in the early 1990s and then launched Kyris Software in 1993. Under Mike’s leadership, Kyris pioneered the first successful image-based remittance solution in the United States, which subsequently dominated the very high-volume remittance market.  Mike is known throughout the industry for his expertise in designing best-in-class, innovative systems.

Eric Minbiole - EVP Engineering

Eric began his career at Opex where he became the primary software developer for a wide range of the industry-first solutions. Eric is now the leader of the Mavro product development team.  He has a keen ability to understand leading edge technologies and incorporate them into Mavro products.

Bo Minogue - EVP Business Development

Bo is a 25 year veteran in the document processing and content management industry. He is a certified Image Capture Professional (ICP) and a Certified Document Image Architect (CDIA+). Bo has worked for a variety of industry leaders as a product specialist and business development manager and has been involved with hundreds of implementations involving Opex and other scanners.

Michael Tallitsch - EVP Sales & Strategic Planning

Mike has over 15 years of experience in the remittance processing industry. Previously a Senior VP at Wausau Financial Systems, Mike was responsible for the first ARC solution for ACH check conversion and creation of an integrated retail, wholesale, cashiering, and electronic remittance platform. Mike’s solution and leadership experience positions Mavro and its customers for long-term success.

Tom Treba - Director of Professional Services

Tom has more than 15 years of experience in the payments and remittance processing industry, including 10 years at Wausau Financial Systems as an Implementation Specialist, QA Analyst, Senior Software Engineer, and Solution Architect.  Tom’s varied experience uniquely positions him to manage a Professional Services team that makes customer collaboration its top priority.

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