Mavro Overview

What Do We Do?
Mavro is a software development and professional consulting company devoted to enhancing the performance and efficiency of our customers’ Remittance, Lockbox, and Document Imaging processes. If you are doing manual document or remittance processing, have an outdated system that needs to be replaced, or have an automated system that needs to be made more efficient, contact Mavro Imaging. We can provide anything from consulting services to a complete end-to-end system that will efficiently address your unique challenges.

Our Mission
Our mission is to set the highest expectations for our customers, and then exceed them in every way possible.

Our Name
Many of our customers are fascinated by our name. They wonder if the company was named after an individual or if Mavro is an acronym. In reality, our name is simply a play on the word “maverick.” Mavro associates are all true mavericks who don’t know the meaning of 9-to-5, who can’t grasp the concept of “just good enough,” and who never assume that the most common solution is the best solution.

Our History
Mavro Imaging was established in 2007, and is a privately held company headquartered in New Jersey. We specialize in Remittance, Lockbox, and Document Imaging Solutions.


Have Questions?

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