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Imaging Workflow Essentials in an Era of PandemicLearn how to update your process for added safety

5 Essentials of Imaging Workflow in an Era of Pandemic

Webinar Recording

Did COVID-19 expose workflow flaws you never anticipated?

Learn how Con Edison avoided issues with a process you can easily implement. Hear how Mavro and OPEX helped them bring employees back to work safely and continue to efficiently serve customers amid the new normal.

Learn How To:

  • Minimize document touches and circulation

  • Decentralize access to mailroom scanning

  • Incorporate home/remote data entry

  • Utilize dashboard management of processes

  • Automate manual processes

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Hear from industry experts:

Frank D’Amadeo

Director of Treasury Operations

Mike Tallitsch

EVP – Sales and Strategic Planning

Mark Messier

Product Specialist